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Virtual Reality (VR) has become a great marketing tool in the business world and a lot of companies that want to take their businesses to the next level have adopted it. Though some of the great VR devices such as Oculus Rift are quite expensive and unaffordable for most people, there are pocket-friendly options that you can use such as Google Cardboard.

As an eCommerce businessman, there are several ways you can use Virtual Reality to give your customers a great shopping experience. Some of these are:

  • Defining your product’s History: Though most of the products available in the market are made in almost the same way, not all people who have a product similar to yours have taken the initiative to give their shoppers an engaging and emotional back-story. Telling it all to your customers using a VR will make your products stand out and this will keep people talking about it which will be of great benefit to your eCommerce business.

For instance, if you are into the production of beauty products, using VR to give your customers a step by step guide on how each product is sourced until you come up with the great products will make them relate more with the product.

  • Improved customer service: If you are into a business where the customers will require instructions on how to use a product or even make minor repairs, you can create a 3D VR shopping experience where you will make it easier for the customers to define their problem. This will, in turn, make it easier for the support staff to resolve the issues raised by their customers within the shortest possible time.
  • Product testing: The reason why most of the customers will prefer to go to a physical shop is to have the chance to know how the item they wish to buy looks like in real life. As a person engaged in eCommerce, you can create a similar experience by giving a 360-degree focus of the product where the customer will be able to view the product from all angles.

There are also apps such as the iStaging’s app that will allow the users to see how their home or office will look like if the product is in it. This will make them make an informed choice during the purchase and the customer will gain more confidence in your product and your business as well.

VR is a technology that will give eCommerce the boost they require to make their customers connect to their businesses and their products. The availability of affordable tools such as Google Cardboard which has the ability to turn a Smartphone into a headset makes it possible to incorporate VR into the marketing strategies of any business, thereby creating a great shopping experience for the web.

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