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One of the cool ways to experience Virtual Reality is through a VR headset for your smartphone. These headsets are super cheap and compatible with most modern phones. Yes, that means even if you have a fancy iPhone, you can get a cheap and effective VR headset for it. Finding the best VR headset for Samsung is comparatively easy as the company manufactures its own VR gear. Apple, however, is slow to catch up and doesn’t have its own VR headset yet. The good news is there are many affordable third-party VR headsets available in the market that perfectly complement iPhones.

In this article, we will give you our top pick along with some honorable mentions. Keep in mind that the science behind a VR headset is the same, the only thing that can create a computability issue is the size of your phone. To check that, just lock your phone in the headset – if the headset can hold your iPhone nicely, you’re good to go.


The Best Virtual Reality Headset For iPhone – Merge VR

The Merge VR is our favorite for many reasons. It has this cool design, great comfort, offers great value for money, durable and whatnot. Let’s talk a little more about its features.

The thing with VR is that if you like it, you are likely to be in it for hours. The VR headset around your head has to be comfortable, lightweight, and easy to handle. The Merge VR headset provides exactly that. It is made from durable and flexible foam, which ensures seamless and comfortable long hours of VR play. From iPhone 5s to iPhone X (and almost all Android phones) it can generously hold phones.

There is a small button on the side through which you can easily adjust the lens-eye distance. When it comes to control, you can use the two handy input buttons provided at the top of the headset. Merge VR is also available in different bright colors, making it the perfect choice for your kids.

You can easily access any VR app through Merge like YouTube 360, Facebook 360 videos and 3D movies. It also gives access to Merge Universe, which is a website full of compatible apps, movies and games. It’s like another App Store, where you can know more about the apps, check ratings and download a free or a paid app.

The Merge VR costs only around $50.




Honorable Mentions

Carl Zeiss VR One Plus

BlitzWolf BR-VR3

Homido Virtual Reality Headset V2

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